Using Console Builder to create a tab to view Referenced Task Sequences

UPDATE: This is now available in ConfigMgr 1906+

Note: All changes are automatically saved when Console Builder is closed. Being so, make sure to backup the Console Rootfolder. You can find that folder in the console install directory.

Let’s begin

  1. On a machine that has the SCCM/ConfigMgr Console installed run the following in an elevated PowerShell window:
    & $env:SMS_ADMIN_UI_PATH.Replace('i386','AdminUI.ConsoleBuilder.exe')
  2. Click File > Open > ConnectedConsole
  3. On the bottom left of the window, select Software Library
  4. On the left pane, select Applications
  5. Click on the Security tab and then click Add
  6. Scroll down and select SMS_TaskSequencePackage
  7. Select Read and ReadPolicy, then click OK
  8. Select the Queries tab and click on the query listed
  9. Select the Detail Panel tab and click Add TabPage
    This will create a new tab called TabPage [No Title]
  10. Edit the Display Name for this tab > check Run Query on this Tab and click Configure…
    For this instance, I use ‘Referenced Task Sequences’. Feel free to name it however you’d prefer.
  11. Click the drop down and select SMS_TaskSequencePackage. Right-click on Root and select New
  12. Select SMS_TaskSequencePackage for the Display Class. Select WQL for the Query Language. Copy and Paste the following into the Query Field.
    FROM SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo content 
    INNER JOIN SMS_TaskSequencePackageReference ts ON ts.RefPackageID = content.PackageID 
    INNER JOIN SMS_TaskSequencePackage tsp ON tsp.PackageID = ts.PackageID 
    INNER JOIN SMS_Application app ON app.LocalizedDisplayname = content.SoftwareName 
    WHERE content.Softwarename = '##SUB:LocalizedDisplayName##' 

  13. Select the appropriate fields to display. I prefer Name and Object Path.
  14. Click OK and Exit Console Builder (it automatically saves the settings)
  15. Open the SCCM/ConfigMgr console > Click Software Library > Applications and you’ll see the newly created tab in the details pane after selecting an application.
  16. Final Result

Congratulations! You’ve just added a new details tab in your SCCM/ConfigMgr console. Enjoy!

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